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Welcome to Stillwater Conservation District
We're committed to natural resource conservation in Stillwater County, Montana

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NEXT PUBLIC MEETING: Sept. 10th, 2018 at 7:00pm

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When do you need a 310 permit?

A 310 permit is REQUIRED any time you are planning ANY projects or repairs that physically alter or modify the bed or banks of the streams. IT IS THE LAW.

The purpose of the permit is to minimize soil erosion and sedimentation, protect and preserve streams and rivers. The application prosses is pretty simple.
You can pick up and application at the Stillwater Conservation District office or go online to

and print one out. Upon completion of the application then it needs to be turned back into the CD office. The board will review the application project, an inspection of the proposed project is sometimes necessary, and decide if a permit is required.

Keep in mind that sometimes additional permits might be required, and it is up to the Applicant / Landowner to make sure that all permits have been secured before beginning the project.
Please contact Stillwater CD Administrator with any questions 406-322-5359 ext. 101 or email


Stream-modification projects undertaken as an immediate response to flooding requires an Emergency Form 275. Landowners must contact the Conservation District within 15 days of taking the emergency action and submit the completed Emergency Form. This permit is not required before any project activity begins.

To qualify as an emergency action, Montana law states the project must be the result of an “unforeseen event or combination of circumstances that calls for immediate action to safeguard life, including human or animal, or property, including growing crops, without giving time for the deliberate exercise of judgment or discretion …”

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