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January 3rd 2017 Meeting Minutes



Columbus USDA office Conference Room
January 3, 2017
Chairman Steve Story called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM. Supervisors present were Steve Story, Butch Behrent, Corky Kern, Bob Van Oosten, Noel Keogh, and Will Downs. Also present were Tanya Lester, Garrett Larson, Krist Walstad, Jason Rhoten, Lindsey Clark, and Heidi Stadel. Supervisors Rod Fink and Jim Edwards (Associate) were excused.
Duane (Butch) Behrent and William Downs were sworn in as Conservation District Board Supervisors by Stillwater County Clerk and Recorder Heidi Stadel.
Noel Keogh moved to re-elect the current slate of officers: Steve Story, Chairman; Corky Kern, Vice Chair; Bob Van Oosten, Secretary; and Butch Behrent, Treasurer. Bob Van Oosten Seconded. Motion Carried.
Noel Keogh moved to approve the updated slate of appointees as: Rod Fink, City/County Planning; Bob Van Oosten, County Planning; Steve Story, YRCDC (Noel agreed to assist); Bob Van Oosten, Beartooth RC&D; Butch Behrent, SVWC; and Will Downs, MSCA. Corky Kern seconded. Motion carried.
Noel Keogh moved to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Butch Behrent seconded. Motion carried.
Bob Van Oosten moved to accept the Treasure’s report and pay bills as presented. Noel Keogh seconded. Motion carried.
Noel — Range Resource Executive Committee’s Winter Grazing seminar is Jan 17th & 18th in Glasgow. Range Days is scheduled for June 19th-21St in Carbon County. Krist mentioned they could use some help with fundraising. SVWC’s annual meeting will be Jan 28th in Fishtail at the Community Center. Lindsey has a presenter scheduled to talk about a Cheatgrass Biocontrol Agent, NRCS will give an update and may talk about upcoming Range Days, and if there is a new Stillwater County Weed coordinator Lindsey will invite them to give an update
Bob — County Planning Board is working on new regulations to help alleviate confusion between City/County Planning and County Planning. He will report on the Water Reservation meeting he attended in Billing at our next meeting.

Tanya —SCD is hosting a Livestock Nutrition Workshop for the NRCS at the fire hall on Jan 24th. MACD is hosting a Meet and Greet with the Legislators on Jan 24th. Invitations to our legislators have been sent. SVWC ranked projects from the Rosebuds and Fishtail Creek Assessments and there may be a planning grant request coming in March.
Jason — There was a 124 violation that has been taken care of for an unpermitted stream crossing over the West Rosebud. He is looking at a future 124 permit for a new bridge at Spring Creek. Still concerned about the finished product on the walking path that crosses Keyser Creek.
Steve — YRCDC meeting in December was cancelled and moved to January 20th. He went to Bozeman with Lindsey and Tanya to present on the 223 grant application for the Lower Stillwater Assessment. Garrett/Krist — NRCS had a CSP training November 2″ and 3rd. NRCS hoping to be working on ranking EQIP soon to know funding possibly in March. Garrett attended MACD annual meeting in Sidney along with Bob and Tanya. Garrett attended a NRCS soil health committee meeting with Mark Doely. There is an upcoming Soil health workshop in Billings on January 18th featuring Dr. Dwayne Beck and Dan Forgey and an upcoming Montana Sugarbeet Symposium on January 10th.
Public Comment: None
15-002 — Dave Oltrogge requested an extension to for this project that has portions on the Stillwater and on the Rosebud due to the fact that the weather changed so quickly. Noel Keogh moved to allow a 1 year extension. Bob Van Oosten seconded. Motion carried.
Grant Updates:
RRG-14-1605 — Received an extension for this grant. The new completion date is Dec 31st 2017. CBMPP Grant — Final payment and the final report have been finished. Montana Tech still believes they are missing a check. Tanya is looking into the matter.
RRGL application Yanzick/Brey Riddle — The application was ranked 10th out of 93 applications. A board member will need to go to Helena to present; Bob and Noel said they may be available. Chad, Lindsey, Theo Yanzick, possibly John Noe and Tanya will be meeting on Thursday the 5th to go over what is needed for the presentation.
223 Grant — Lower Stillwater Assessment— Lindsey, Steve, Tanya, and Bill Mytton presented in Bozeman at the RCAC meeting. The grant was received. DNRC contract has been approved. Tanya and Lindsey are working on a contract for SCD and SVWC.
YCD Letter about Forest Service — Since the board did not receive a copy of the letter that YCD requested the SCD board to sign and they read a letter that SGCD had previously sent it was agreed that the matter had been addressed.
2016 Annual Report —The annual report was presented and Noel requested one change: Noel Keogh Ranch be changed to Key 0 Inc. Ranch under the education portion.
2017 Annual Work Plan — Bob Van Oosten moved to approve the 2017 Annual Work Plan. Corky Kern seconded. Motion carried.

CSP Conservation Plans – At 8:40 pm Chairman Steve Story closed the meeting for NRCS to present CSP Conservation Plans. At 8:50 pm the meeting was reopened. Cory Kern moved to approve all 4 CSP Conservation Plans. Will Downs seconded. Motion carried.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm. Next meeting is scheduled for February 7, 2017 at 7 pm. Respectfully submitted,

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